here are some common questions you may have when thinking about your wedding or portrait session. have a question not covered here? just use the contact form below or shoot me an email. i'd love to hear from you!

Q: How far in advance should I book you?

A: A typical wedding is booked between 6-12 months ahead of the wedding date, however, there are some times when I get booked just 3-4 months prior to a wedding. As for portraits, book me as soon as you know you want a session! The fall gets really busy for family sessions, and it never hurts to get your date on the calendar!

Q: What is your typical timeframe for photo delivery?

A: A wedding will be complete in 6-8 weeks and my portrait sessions in just 2-3 weeks. I will post sneak peeks and previews on both my blog and my Facebook page in between the session and when the pictures are finalized. This is the best way to share your images with friends and family before you get the link to your online gallery.

Q: Do you work with an assistant or second shooter?

A: My equipment load is quite minimal, so I do not use an assistant. Couples request a second shooter for about half of my weddings. I find second shooters most helpful when the wedding day timeline is so condensed that I don’t feel like I can be everywhere I need to be. Bringing in a second shooter would allow both the bride and groom to have getting ready images if they are in two different locations and it also allows for some great perspectives during the wedding ceremony. For the other half of weddings, I work alone. I find myself very efficient in helping to organize the wedding day timeline in a way that benefits the couple and does not call for an additional photographer. I am fully prepared for either case, but let me know if you need further direction in making this decision.

Q: How do I book my wedding date with you? And do we have to meet in person?

A: I require a signed contract and 20% deposit in order to secure your date on my calendar. However, if we need to create a payment plan that works best for you, I am more than willing to do so. We do not have to meet in person to book your wedding, but I do want to see you before the wedding if possible! Sometimes I meet my couples for the first time at their engagement session, and that’s fine! I like to get to know my couples in a way that usually ends in friendship, so whether it’s in person or over the phone or Skype, let’s make it happen!

Q: Do I get all the digital files from you when the session or wedding is done?

A: As part of the editing process, using my professional judgement, I discard any photos that are not deemed fit (eyes closed, underexposed, repetitive, etc.). For a typical wedding, I deliver about 50 digital images per hour of shooting time. Portrait sessions usually have about 30-40 digital images delivered in an online gallery. I do not give out unedited images, as they do not represent my brand. I maintain the copyright to all my images, but clients will have the right to reproduce the images on their own. Should you want to print your images on your own, please do ask me for suggested vendors so that I can steer you in the direction of someone who will do the images justice.

Q: What happens in case you get sick or can't make it to our wedding?

A: In this absolute rare case that a life threatening emergency comes up, I have a close network of photographers that are at my level, if not more experienced, who I can contact to fill in for me. In some cases, one of these photographers is already scheduled to second shoot with me that day anyway and prepared to be available.

Q: Can we see a full gallery?

A: Yes! I highly recommend you ask this of any photographer you are considering hiring for your big day. I am happy to send along 1 or 2 full wedding galleries to help you get a feel for my shooting style from beginning to end.

Q: What should I wear to my session?

A: I first suggest staying true to you! Keep in mind what looks good on camera. I suggest not wearing anything too distracting, but texture or small embellishments are okay and look great on camera. When photographing a family or couple, I suggest coordinating (but not matching) outfits. Using similar color palettes or coordinating colors works best. Feel free to look around my site for more inspiration.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: I work with Canon equipment. I always have spare lenses, camera bodies and batteries incase of an emergency. I work very minimally with flash, but use it as needed when indoors without natural light and at the reception or ceremony.

Q: We’re having an intimate wedding or elopement. We only need a couple of hours. Can you help?

A: Of course! I LOVE intimate weddings. Head on over to the contact page and tell me all about your day so I can provide you information on building a custom package fit to your needs.

Q: Do you offer prints and albums?

A: You can certainly add on an album to any wedding or portrait package. There is a huge difference in quality between professional print labs and your everyday drug store, so I always encourage clients to let me help with prints. There is a convenient professional print shop right in your online photo gallery that you receive with your session or wedding.


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